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It’s not easy getting Australians to think of soup. Despite it’s nourishing qualities, we only ever think to cook it when winter arrives. And with 2016 marking Australia’s hottest year to date, sales of Campbell’s Soup were not only down, it had all but lost its relevance. We needed to remind people that no matter what life throws at you – whether it’s the weather, or that time you failed to catch a rare Pokémon, Campbell’s have a soup to remedy it.


We didn’t give Australians a reason to buy Campbell’s Soup. We gave them thousands. For four weeks we monitored YouTube’s most popular search categories and channels, writing hundreds of headlines relevant to the video viewers were attempting to watch. Utilising beta technology from Google,the headlines were dynamically composited into a pre-roll video in real-time, resulting in over 1700 individual executions. Thousands of YouTube’s top searched videos were tagged and we even created daily pre-rolls throughout the campaign, related to the world’s top trending topics.

Case Study


6.9% lift in brand awareness

55.6% increase in sales

1.900.000 impressions

92.86% view rate